Book Modern Coast Bus Tickets Online

Modern Coast Bus is one of the most popular and convenient long distance passenger service vehicles. Modern Coast has bus fleets across East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. They are some of the first Transport companies in Kenya to launch Bus online booking. More travelers today prefer booking their tickets remotely or online than waste time moving all the way to their offices.

The booking process is very easy, all you need is some money in your Mpesa or a Credit card, Some internet bundles, a few minutes of your time and that’s it.

Modern Bus Online Booking

Here are the instructions to follow step by step to book your ticket online;

  • Visit,
  • On the  booking form “BOOK NOW”, select where you are travelling From, your Destination and Date of Travel
  • Select your preferred currency then click the search button to query all available buses within that route on the date selected.

Once queried you will get a list of all buses in your route including their reporting times and departures. Select the bus of choice to view the representation of the sitting arrangement.

To select your seat, make sure to select the orange colored seats which mean they are available then click Submit button to continue.

Enter your traveler’s information then select your preferred payment method, Mpesa or Credit Card. If you selected Mpesa a text message will be send to you including the Paybill account, Account number and the amount to pay.

Note, you will have 15 minutes to pay for your seat if not the seat will be reset to available for other travelers to book.

After successfully paying, a confirmation email and SMS will be send to you.

It is important to note that there are seating classes in Modern Coast buses that is VIP, First Class and Normal seats. The main difference is always passenger comfort and pricing.

Also, you may consider applying their deals and discount which is usually “MODERNONLINE” to save a few hundreds.

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