Learn how to withdraw money from Mpesa using an ATM

If you are a registered Mpesa user, then don’t worry if you can’t find Mpesa Agents near you. Look further for ATM machines and get your money no sweat. The only difference between ATM and Agency withdrawals are the charges and the maximum amounts allowed.

Learn how to withdraw money from Mpesa using an ATM

Not all ATMs support Mpesa withdrawal but you can pay attention to these providers; PesaPoint, Equity Bank Branches, Diamond Trust Bank, KCB, Family Bank and NIC Bank ATM’s.

Now that we know where to let us see what you really need to make it happen since all that stands between you and your money is an ATM, your phone and your fingers.

Now let us do it, take your phone;

  • Go to the Mpesa Menu, select Withdraw cash
  • Choose From ATM
  • The Agent Number should be 555555 for the ATMs listed above except Equity Bank. If you are using the Equity bank’s ATM use┬áthe Agent Number 286286 instead.
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN

After the above steps expect a text message from Mpesa with a code that should be having 6 digits this message will act as the authorization to use over the ATM.

Now to the ATM, do this step by step;

  1. Select Mpesa from the ATM
  2. You will be required to enter your preferred language
  3. Remember the 6 digit code you received earlier? Key it in.
  4. Enter your Mobile number
  5. Key in the amount you wish to withdraw, confirm to proceed
  6. ATM dispenses your money

This does not end here, you will get your transaction receipt and a text message from Mpesa Confirm the same transaction. It is that simple next time don’t get stranded be ahead of the game.

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