Airtel Money Transfer Charges To All Networks

Airtel money transfer Charges To All Networks were updated on 10th April 2018.  These charges apply when you want to Send or Transfer Money To All Networks including Mpesa, Tkash and Equitel.

If you are transferring or simply put sending money using Airtel Money to customers to other networks, you will do so for FREE.  This means amounts between 10 and 100 shillings, the charges are zero, “FREE”.

The Maximum amount allowed per transaction is 70,000 shillings which attracts 66 shillings.

It is very important to note that any amount send from 20,001 and 70,000 will attract 66 Shillings charge.

Airtel Money Transfer Charges To All Networks

Compared to most mobile money providers, Airtel money transfer charges to all other networks are the most affordable.

Check out the charges to other networks when sending or transfering money to Mpesa, Tkash or Equitel.

Airtel Money Transfer Charges To All Networks

Minimum Maximum Transfer To All Networks
10 49 FREE
50 100 FREE
101 500 7
501 1,000 9
1,001 1,500 15
1,501 2,500 24
2,501 3,500 33
3,501 5,000 36
5,001 7,500 45
7,501 10,000 51
10,001 15,000 57
15,001 20,000 60
20,001 25,000 66
25,001 30,000 66
30,001 35,000 66
35,001 40,000 66
40,001 45,000 66
45,001 50,000 66
50,001 70,000 66


· Maximum account balance is Ksh. 140,000.
· Maximum daily transaction value is Ksh. 140,000. Maximum amount per transaction is Ksh. 70,000.
· You cannot withdraw less than Ksh. 50 from an Airtel Money agent.
· To transact you MUST produce an original identification document at every Airtel Money agent outlet.
· For more information call Airtel Money customer care on 1522.
· The charges are 1bob & 2bob for bands Ksh10-49 & Ksh50-100 respectively after the first 3 transactions.



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